Friday, October 28, 2011


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Steeplechase Townhomes

Reserve Yours Today! These won't last long!

Check out CMC Properties newest townhomes located in Lebanon, Ohio. Steeplechase Townhomes just finished rebuilding ten townhomes last month.

Only renting for $699! Visit Steeplechase Townhomes website under our apartment section or call them at 513-934-2411.

Steeplechase Townhomes


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Renting vs. Buying in 2009

Are today’s economic influenced opportunities worth the risk factor? What are the risks of buying a house now that I can afford one?

Are today’s economic influenced opportunities worth the risk factor? What are the risks of buying a house now that I can afford one?

I have been recently considering buying a house. With the country’s current economic crisis, many of us, who wouldn’t normally be remotely prepared for buying a home, suddenly recognize a considerable opportunity at hand. Though, there is much to consider before just jumping on the band-wagon before it passes. If I actually get a bank to give me the loan I can’t just pick any house on the street where I work. The house has to be in great physical shape, it has to be better than any other options in my price range, and it has to get a lot of sunlight through some huge bay windows.

As the pacing status of unemployment in this country continues to rise so does the value of land across the nation continue to fall. If I purchase a house my investment will cost me much more than just a mortgage. I’ll have to prepare for years of home owners insurance, land taxes, costly maintenance, up-keeping, and home improvement. If I want my house to reach its true value ever again, I’ll have to wait out the economic crisis.

After much consideration and research I conclude with my top measurable factors all pointing towards more stability in renting.

  1. There’s incredible freedom from renting an apartment. If I should be as unfortunate as hundreds of other Americans who’ve recently lost their jobs I should prefer to have only a lease to fulfill, rather than a mortgage.
  2. A back door out. If I need to move for any reason at any time I can. On a lease there’s a transfer or termination clause. Terminating a lease is usually just as expensive as fulfilling it, but at least the contract isn’t as forever binding as owning a house.
  3. Save money to make money. Renting will allow me to invest and earn interest on what would have been my down payment and closing costs. While I keep my eye on varying land values I can attend open houses for a couple of years, keep my money working for me in a CD, and buy a house at the opportune moment to settle down and relax (like when I retire).
  4. Leave the maintenance up to free professional technicians. I like not having to afford to get a plumber when the sink’s stopped up. I don’t want to spend hours on hold waiting to speak with an electrician, who’s costs are consistently rising. If my heat goes out in an apartment I don’t have to wait at home on a work day between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM for an expensive technician to come take a look. My maintenance guy will fix it for free before I leave the office to come home that day.
  5. Cut costs and save valuable time! The last thing I need right now is more interest fees and rising expenses. Living in an apartment frees up finances otherwise tied up in land taxes, mortgage points, broker fees, home owners insurance, lawn attendance and all of that maintenance.

Not to mention that I live on a CMC Property! I get the best location and, lots of space filled with sunlight, and genuine customer service from the on-site staff.

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